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Gotta get off my ass and start making some more creative work

For real, gotta get working on some new stuff. Give me some suggestions.

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More of civil-war-on-drugs and myself yesterday at comic con

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Me and my lady

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More Rick and Morty cast Chris Parnell and Sarah Chalke #nycc #nycc2014 #rickandmorty

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Just met Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland #rickandmorty #nycc #nycc2014

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More face doodle

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Doodling on the train to comic con

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Was touch and go for a while but it’s done! See you Saturday nycc

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These feelings, these feelings

A band of high importance to me broke up yesterday. Real bummed about that. Honored to have worked with and befriended them over the years. RIP The Clam, long live The Clam. Twinkle-daddy is officially dead.

So upset, one of my favorite bands I grew up with now gone. They’ve come a long way since their first gig in Kensington CT.

Posted 2 weeks ago

Progress on the pipboy 3000, need to add some weathering and rough it up. civil-war-on-drugs has been extremely helpful working on the project as well!