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I’ve been pretty quiet recently. For those who were wondering this is what I’ve been working on.

I have a second interview coming up in Boston for a big company, in which I need to present a past project. The last week or so I’ve been gathering old assets from a juried competition I placed in back in college.

Hopefully something comes of this or from my previous interview with LEGO, I’m starting to really go broke since I refused to go back to a manual labor jobs, and really push full time design employment.

Anyone interested in reading about the project check out my website for more details. I really hoping to get back to some creative work once I get past this interview. I’m going to have a little more time after Wednesday.

Posted 6 days ago

Interview went awesome

Posted 1 week ago

So this is happening tomorrow. Super excited and nervous! Possible dream job! Second interview

Posted 1 week ago

When it rains….

…it fucking pours! Two extremely important job interviews in the near future. One with a massive company in Boston. Also have a face to face with LEGO on Monday!

So much to do, so little time!

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Kitten overload right now

Posted 1 week ago

Wooo! Interview went swimmingly

Hope I move on to the next stage, fingers crossed dream job!

Posted 1 week ago

Possible Dream Job

Oh shit, I have a phone interview with LEGO tomorrow for a Art Director position…brb panicking. 

Just got home from an awesome 11 day vacation with my girlfriend and her family. Got to see one of my best friends from College. I’m not home more than 5 hours and I get an email saying I have a phone interview with LEGO at 2pm!

It might only be a temp position, but it would still be a dream to work for a company like that. Ten year old me is literally through the roof with excitement, while Twenty-Three year old me is freaking out slightly. This would give me such a big boost for my work portfolio, fingers crossed things go well.

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Fun vacation, time to head home

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My gurl @lar10491

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Davy B, my man #Vermont